Welding Clothing Protection

newbb电子平台 Safety's FR Clothing powered by Summit Breeze® Technology
Summit Breeze®
Patented Summit Breeze® Technology is exclusively used on newbb电子平台 Safety FR apparel, incorporating mesh venting onto the back...
FR Clothing
Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is made of a fabric designed to protect workers from flames and thermal exposure.

Welding Aprons

newbb电子平台 Safety's welding apron protects a welder’s clothes from hot sparks while cutting, grinding and welding.


Leather Bib Apron with Front pocket, 24" x 36"


36" x 27" Blue Denim Apron - 2 pockets

Welding Leather Jackets

newbb电子平台 Safety’s leather welding jackets are made of genuine split cowhide leather to provide outstanding heat resistance and heavy-duty protection. The added weight of leather material provides the welding protection you demand.


Welding Jacket, 30 inch with 3 pockets

F/R Green Welding Jackets

newbb电子平台 Safety's 9 oz. Green, Sateen Finish Cotton jackets are designed for light duty TIG and MIG welding.


30 Inch Length 9 oz. green finish cotton

Welding Sleeves

Protect your arms while welding with newbb电子平台 Safety’s high quality welding sleeves


Limited Flammibilty 100% Treated 9 oz. Cotton, 18", Elastic Wrist


Limited Flammability 100% Treated 9 oz. cotton, 23", elastic wrist, Kevlar® thumb slot and wrist

newbb电子平台 Safety's Max Comfort Gear

Flame resistant clothing is a must have during welding, as synthetic materials will melt.


Flame Resistant (FR) Contractor Coverall, Max Comfort™ Material, 100% Cotton, Red


Flame Resistant (FR) Hooded Sweatshirt, Pullover, 100% Cotton Interlock Fleece Shell, Black

Miscellaneous Welding Items

Shoe Protector
Neck Strap
Welding Chaps

Rod Holder

Welding Clothing Tips

  • Do not wear pants with cuffs or shirts with open pockets
  • Dark clothing works best to reduce reflection under a faceshield
  • Use aprons, capes, sleeves, leggings, shoulder covers, and bibs designed for welding
  • Heavier materials work best, such as wool clothing, heavy cotton or leather, are preferred as they resist deterioration They are also harder to ignite and resist wear
  • Materials that can melt or cause severe burn due to sparks that may lodge in rolled-up sleeves, pockets of clothing or pant cuffs are not suggested
  • Wear long sleeved shirts (no t-shirts), which will protect your arms and neck from radiation exposure and skin burns
  • Button the cuffs, pockets, and collarChoose clothing that allows freedom of movement
  • Wear Heavy durable, long pants (no shorts) without cuffs that overlap the tops of your boots

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